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977205560501114 - LEGO BLOCKS magazin 14. szám
977205560501114 - LEGO BLOCKS magazin 14. szám

977205560501114 - LEGO BLOCKS magazin 14. szám

Ref. no.: 977205560501114
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LEGO Kiegészítők 977205560501114 - LEGO BLOCKS magazin 14. szám. With LEGO launching its Dr Who sets this month we go inside the Tardis to get the full story. We talk to the fan who came up with the Dr Who idea and the LEGO designer that turned that idea into the exciting sets you can find in the shops now. One thing the set doesn't have though is a life size sonic screwdriver, but we do, as we feature Victor Nouvilas creation. So apart from a sonic screwdriver what else is on your Xmas list? Well we've asked the Blocks writers to come up with their top wishlist and there's an indepth 14-page guide to what they think are this year's prize stocking fillers. It's a big month for Technics fans this month as LEGO have launched their biggest ever Technics set and we've had our hands on it already. Is it any good? You bet, but to find out what it is and why it's so good you'll have to read the mag. Elsewhere we've got some amazing reader's builds, laid out with easy to follow instructions so you can make them too, a fantastic review of the Star Wars Capital Ships, Showcases from around the world, how to invest in LEGO and make money, building techniques guides, custom minifigs, show reports and much more besides. So get out to the shops and pick up issue 14 now or go to the subscription page to secure your copy. Remember the last few issues have sold out so don't delay.